Arion Bus Pariwisata is not a new player in the world of transportation bus. Founded in 1962 by Mangaradja H. Hutagalung, Arion was once a city bus operator until 1979. In 1982 Arion return bus transportation business initiative was abandoned. Transport business here, which makes the business group develops Arion.

Now, after stagnating economic crisis struck in 1997, Arion Bus Pariwisata rose with jargon: Means Comfort and Safe. “The comfort and safety of our customers who use the bus are the main ones,”

Unmitigated, Arion turned knots victory in the past year. Airport shuttle buses foreign airlines stay in Jakarta a measure of their hard work. Understandably, as long as this is not an easy thing. Airport crews foreign airlines, which is understood to be the passenger service would have to be more careful.

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  • Hi Saya Maikel, ini perkenalan pertama saat saya menyewa BUS Arion. saya merasa sangan puas dimana sesuai dengan moto yang mereka pegang yaitu Means Comfort And Safe. Menurut saya bus mereka terbaik dalam melayani berbagai rute perjalanan. Maju Terus Arion Indonesia Transport